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YOGO Collection

Introducing YOGO, a premium collection of high-quality leggings with active stretch technology

  3 Styles to choose from

 7 Shades of Colors

 Active Stretch Technology

 Soft Touch Material

Perfect Fit Sizes

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Experience comfort and style like never before with YOGO Pants - the perfect leggings for your active lifestyle. Embrace the freedom to move with confidence and flair. Shop now and elevate your workout wardrobe!

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New Arrivals

3 Styles to choose from

Elevate your practice with our YOGO Pants collection, tailored to fit every style and need. 

Choose from three distinct designs 


Elegant Side Pockets

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Slim Fit Design

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Stylish Flare Legs

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High Resistance Fabric

Durable material that can withstand wear and tear, maintaining its shape and integrity over time

Active Stretch

Active stretch leggings designed for physical activity, made from stretchy materials for a full range of motion during exercise

Soft Touch

Fabric that feels smooth and gentle against the skin, providing a comfortable and luxurious wearing experience

Made for you

Find Your Perfect Fit

Our comprehensive sizing chart accommodates both inches and centimeters, making it easy for you to select your ideal leggings size. 

Locate your waist measurement along the vertical axis and your hip measurement along the horizontal axis. Cross-reference these measurements to find your perfect size, ranging from XL to 3XL.

 Designed for all body types

 Sizes range from XL to 3XL

 Durable and long-lasting material

 Easy care instructions for longevity

 High-quality fabric that moves with you

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